How to perform server and port health monitors in transparent mode

I am setting up new A10s configured in transparent mode. There are many VLANs in use and eth1 connects up to the firewalls, and eth2 connects down to the switches. Both ports configured as trunks. I use a customer partition, so on the entire device the only IP addresses in use are the mgmt0 interface, and a dedicated vlan interface (ve) to perform ping checks against the upstream firewall.

How can I setup health monitors against my real server in transparent mode?

I was hoping I could source-nat from the VIP, but I can't see any options for doing so under the real server or health monitors. I do see how to configure NATing for the actual virtual-server traffic, just not health monitor traffic.

Do I have to create a VE for every VLAN that will have real servers in it?


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    I worked with A10 TAC on this. You do need a VE for every VLAN that will have real servers in it. It appears you can source-NAT from the VIP, but you would still need a VE apparently, but that is not recommended per the docs.
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