Factory reset SSLi

Anyway to Factory reset A10 SSLi hardware. I tried creating new APP template, but it's giving error VLAN 850 already used for management services.



  • If you still have access to the device, just use the erase function. If you wish to preserve management config or account config, see additional options below:

    This will remove all configuration from the device, so ensure you have backup/console access to reconfigure as needed.

    Upon reload/reboot, you do NOT want to save running to startup. This erase only removes the start up config - if you write mem before reload/reboot, you will rollback the erase change.



    Please confirm: Erase startup configuration (Y/N)?: y


    vADC1(config)#erase ?

     preserve-accounts  preserve admin accounts

     preserve-management preserve managememt ip and default gateway

     reload        reload after erase

  • ce07ce07 Member

    Thanks a lot @AndersDL let me try this. I dont want any configs preserved. just factory reset, will try the commands you gave.

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