3030S lost admin password

mcewancmcewanc Member

I have two A10 Thunder 3030s systems. I do not have the admin password to access the systems. I have followed the documented process by logging into the reset account and entering the unit serial number.  This appears tp be resetting the system to defaults. However, when I reboot the system and try and login to the admin account password has not been set back to a10. Is there another admin default password?

TH3030S login: reset                                                        A2


Do you want to reset admin password to default and delete ALL users

except 'admin' from the system? Answering 'y' will also reboot the AX[y/n]:y

Do you want to reset enable password to default?[y/n]:y

Do you want to erase startup config?[y/n]:y

Jul 13 2020 21:45:45 TH3030S a10logd: [SYSTEM]<3> Going to zeroize certificates and keys


TH3030S login: admin

Password: a10

Jul 13 2020 21:49:39 TH3030S a10logd: [SYSTEM]<3> The user, admin, from the remote host,, failed in the CLI authentication.

Login incorrect


  • mdunnmdunn Member

    That is the correct process, and upon successful completion, the credentials should be the defaults admin/a10 as you entered there. The process is not supported on FIPS devices. Do you know if yours are FIPS appliances?

  • mcewancmcewanc Member

    The system has a label on the back TH3030-010-SSL-FIPS so I assume that the system is a FIPS appliance. Does this explain why the normal reset process does not work?

  • mdunnmdunn Member

    Unfortunately, that is the case. Due to FIPS requirements, this password recovery feature is disabled on FIPS appliances. Per the documentation, in this situation the appliance must be RMA'd.

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