show vrrp-a floating-ip and object-group w/out showing running config


Seems simple but I'm not finding anything in the docs or postings.

How do you show the floating-ip in a vrrp-a config without showing the running config for the vrrp-a section, which requires a privileged user?

Likewise for object-group, how can that be shown without the running config for object-group section? I guess the manual says you should be able to do "show object-group" but it just throws an "Unrecognized command" error.

running code 4.1.1-P10

Thoughts anyone? Thank you.



  • mdunnmdunn Member

    Unfortunately, there is not a show command to accomplish this right now. I do understand your use-case from an authorization perspective, though.

    One alternative would be to grab the information via axapi:

    Example for floating IP:

    TH1#sh run vrrp | s vrid 1
    vrrp-a vrid 1 
    API get for /axapi/v3/vrrp-a/vrid/1 :
      "vrid": {
        "floating-ip": {
          "ip-address-cfg": [
        "preempt-mode": {
        "blade-parameters": {
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  • Thank you for the quick reply. I was afraid of that. Mostly asking on behalf of my/our operational counterparts. Hoping they get resolved in future releases.

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