External program debugging

I am new to Thunder and networks are not my day job. I have been asked to help out creating an external program health check to do an application level health check. I sort of have the basics working but it is not sending any data to the actual servers on the specified port. I note that in the docs that I have (410-ServerLoadBalancingGuide-SLB-001) the shell script example echos some text output depending on the status of various actions. Obviously that could be used to do basic debugging. So my first question is where does stdout info go to? I can't see it in the log and I does not appear in the system console.

My second question has to be is there a more detailed guide for developing external programs. The info in the document I referenced above is very basic


  • siddharthaasiddharthaa Member
    edited November 2018

    You can use the command "show health external-log" to view the messages printed by the external health monitor script.

    I'm only aware of the SLB configuration guide for external programs. Note that Thunder ADC also offers a variety of built-in health checks (In the GUI, navigate to ADC > Health Monitors > Create). You can also reach out to your sales rep to submit a feature request to build a built-in health check if needed.

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