what is a Partition in A10 ??


I am new to A10,

I would like to know if a Partition is a virtual routing concept (like VRF), or a virtual context, where data plane, control plane, and management plane are segregated



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    Application Delivery Partitions (ADP) are covered in the System Administration training. I would suggest that you take that class.

    To my mind, they are more similar to Linux Containers than to VRF or VMs. By in large, each partition is an independent entity, but some information can be shared from the shared partition into ADPs. It gets a little complicated, but one can use them in a VRF kind of way. The main purpose, however, is to encapsulate and segment configuration and networking in order to meet a variety of use cases.

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    thank you for your response,

    I will keep this training in my note, I have contacted the support team for it.

    one more question on this,
    can an interface be member in two partitions ?
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    The short answer it yes, but there are specifics.

    The term "partition" has been, over the past 9 years, overloaded. So the answer depends on what ACOS version you are using as well as the end goal/result you are trying to achieve.

    My sympathies that the question isn't a Yes/No, but sometimes that's how reality is.
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