SSL offloading with SharePoint 2016 farm

We have been testing a new farm and the A-10 Thunder Series load balancer and while it seems to be working for the most part we do have problems with some pages not drawing: they don't complete the load. I have noticed browser session in debug shows SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by http://...
We have no Alternate Access mappings on the SharePoint 2016 farm so it HTTP between the load balancers and the farm, but HTTPS between the clients and the A-10 which is correct.
Note: if we edit the workstation host file and bypass the A-10 there are no problems with the sites/pages
Has anyone experienced this behavior?


  • SD43WayneSD43Wayne Member
    edited April 2018
    We found that having the Minimal Download Strategy feature enabled caused the problem. Once we deactivated the feature the STS sites drew as expected. What we don't know is why the load balancer was not able to handle this function correctly as it works fine when we are no going through the A-10s.
    This feature is not enabled on Publishing sites so only Teams are problematic and that was confusing at first.
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