Load Balance Link with Health Monitor Compound method

I want to create health monitor compound (and,or,not)for checking MPLS link for all site
1 if site2-link1 has down all site use link2 only. I create health-monitor with(sub site1-link1 sub site2-link1 sub site3-link1 and and and) and it work.
2 if site2 down two link site1 and site3 use 2 link same normal.
3 if site2 down two link and site1-link1 down and site1 and site3 use link2 only

I don't known boolean expression can monitor like a number 2-3.Can some one help to advice about health monitor with compound method?

Thank you.


  • hkohn72hkohn72 Member
    edited March 2018
    Hello Shin Shan,

    can you please write down in a matrix how it reacts and how you expect the reaction?
    It maybe makes it more clear what you want to solve.
    Maybe you can use a external shell or python script to solve it.

    CU hkohn!
  • Shin ShanShin Shan Member
    edited March 2018
    Sorry for my question. My problem is
    1. I have 4 site and each site have 2 link. I’m configure health monitor with compound method to checking all of router for each link has up/down. ##sample (site1-1 and site2-1 and site3-1 and site4-1).
    When site4-1/down link1 all site has down too because I want a voip traffic use same link for all site and it working fine.
    2. I found my HM compound configure not work when site4 power failure all of site(site4-1 and site4-2/down) another site has checking HM fail. All site cannot use all link with this HM compound method.

    I want to configure HM when site4-1 and site4-2 all down, other site can use 2 link normally. I try to configure Boolean in method compound but I cannot understand.
    I want to use external health monitor but it never coding bash, TCL script for checking before.
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