Question for LB-method [Round Robin Strict]

Hi all,

Does any one know how to work with Round Robin Strict method and when would it be useful to use this?


  • dshindshin Member
    edited October 2015
    Good question! Round Robin(RR) strict provides a more concise distribution method across servers within the service group pool. Enabling the “strict” option within the RR algorithm feature enables the ability to lock all CPUs to guarantee that the load balancing is evenly distributed across servers. This feature is best for high-traffic or high CPU scenarios which provides guaranteed round robin distribution. In default round robin algorithm, the server selection maybe inconsistent as the distribution might be unevenly distributed to servers.

  • Can you please clarify more about Round Robin vs Round Robin Strict? It sounds like with "Strict" it will round robin no matter what, is that correct? So that the "Total" # of sessions is close to equal between servers?

    How does this differ with Round Robin? Does it relate to the length of time a session is in use? Is it where it tries to keep the number of "Active" sessions equal between servers but not the "Total" sessions?

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