Disaster Recovery configuration example for GSLB

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I would like to ask an example configuration for disaster recovery deployment. What are the options to select in the GSLB algorithm for this kind of deployment. I can't find this topic in the manual.




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    Posted by ddesmidt

    Hi Dannel,

    For disaster recovery, you want everybody sent to "the primary datacenter" when this one is UP.
    The "backup datacenter" will be used only if the:
    . datacenter is down (lost Internet access for instance)
    . or all the servers/applications are down in the datacenter (so VIP is down in the datacenter)

    For that the easiest option is to use:
    . "admin-preference" under the GSLB site (with a higher preference for the primary site)
    . "admin preference" under the GSLB policy (=> the site VIP with higher preference is always replied - as long as UP of course)

    Here is attached a CLI configuration example.


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    Posted by dbanares

    Thanks Dimitri, these really helps me a lot.

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    Hello ddesmidt,
    Maybe this topic is to old so I cannot see the attachment. Can you upload a similar configuration for this deployment.

    And how to deploy GSLB for Active/Active application in both site ?

    Thank you.
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