Ansible and A10 Networks

If you are operating an infrastructure with Ansible and are looking for A10 Networks modules, have a look at this Ansible Fork.

It has not been scheduled to be included as it needs some airtime.

You can try this out on ACOS 2.7.1 and higher as it needs aXAPI 2.1.
When you find anything that is not working please let me know.


  • quirinodinaquirinodina Member
    edited March 2018
    Hello Mischa
    I have started to use Ansible inside our network infrastructure and I have created a very first playbook to manage our A10 like this;

    --- #include: a10_virtual_server
    - hosts: a10lb
    gather_facts: no
    - a10_virtual_server:
    host: a10lb
    username: ansible
    password: ansible
    partition: shared
    virtual_server: vserver1
    - port: 80
    protocol: TCP
    service_group: sg-80-tcp
    - port: 443
    protocol: HTTPS
    service_group: sg-443-https
    - port: 8080
    protocol: http
    status: disabled
    Version of our LB is 2.7.2-P10(build: 86), aXAPI 2.1 and this is the error that I have always receive;
    "Failed to connect to the host via ssh: /a10/bin/rimacli: invalid option -- c\n"
    I read that this is an authorization problem but the Ansible account is allowed to read and write with aXAPI.
    There is a way to check the logs about the aXAPI to see what happens in depth ?
  • HelpingHandHelpingHand Member
    edited March 2018
    Hi Quirino,

    Maybe I can help you.

    You should be able to see all aXAPI calls made into the ACOS system using the 'show audit' command.

    The error you see does seems strange, however, because the A10 ansible modules don't use ssh to connect to the A10 ACOS system. Instead, they're designed to use the aXAPI (HTTPS).

    Another thing you might want to try is to put the following in the playbook:
    validate_certs: no

    Good luck,

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