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I want to see the total number of connections per VS server in a period of time in A10, how to view ?(for example, what is the total number of connections per IP in the past month)


  • escgateescgate Member
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    Hi Huzhiqi,

    We can check the number of connections of a VIP as below. But I cannot find the way for the number of connections based on the specific past month...

    I think that ACOS 4.x and above do not have that kind of feature.

  • escgateescgate Member


    Although it does not match your goal, how about the min, max and avg connections of a VIP?

    Sorry for not being of any help.

  • invia_itopsinvia_itops Member

    If you're using something like icinga or nagios you could get those values via SNMP or the API and graph them accordingly.

  • john_allenjohn_allen Member

    With Thunder v5.2.x and above, support for Prometheus is built in! Using Prometheus to extract the data, you can then use Grafana to chart the total connections over time. Here is an example:

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