Control CPU reaches 100 percent

Dear All,

I m using A10 Thunder 1040. I observed that Control CPU is reaching 100 %. Please define

  1. What is control cpu?
  2. what is data cpu?
  3. How do I limit Control CPU for reaching 100 %.
  4. Would there be any impact on ADC functionality in case of 100% control CPU?

Waiting for reply.


  • mdunnmdunn Member ✭✭

    Hello - at a high level:

    1. ACOS will allocate a CPU core(s) to control plane. This is responsible for Web UI, CLI, system log, and any traffic which is sent or received on the management port.
    2. Data CPUs are responsible for processing traffic on the network interfaces
    3. The control CPU may hit 100% when ACOS system is processing periodic showtech, performing device backup, etc, but this should occur sporadically and for a short period of time.
    4. The separation of CPU cores between control and data plane should eliminate any impact on ADC functionality even if 100% control CPU

    How often and for what duration are you seeing the 100% control cpu?



  • cwkimcwkim Member

    Did it resolved?

    I have same issue.

    control plane spike 100%. interval is 90sec.

  • haq1985haq1985 Member

    It reaches 100% sporadically till date

  • escgateescgate Member
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    Just my tips for checking...

    1) Disk usage

    TH1040S has a small disk, 30GB. If the disk usage is above 90%, Basically, the control CPU is increased.

    2) Lots of partitions

    If you configured lots of partitions, basically the control CPU usage is increased based on the number of partitions.

    3) Huge SLB configuration.

    If you have a huge configuration (about above 10K lines), the control CPU usage will be increased by the showtech every 15min.

    You can try the following commands as a workaround. But you need to reload the system with these commands. And I recommend using 4.1.4-GR1-P8 or 5.2.1-P3 and above cause of some bugs of the command.

    slb common




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