How to add interfaces to an existing trunk-group in aVCS environment with ADP.

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Hello everyone. I hope you are great.

We have this problem:

We have a cluster of two A10 Thunder 930 with aVCS and 8 L3V partitions.

Both Thunder 930s have two Ethernet interfaces in a trunk group with LACP. All partitions (including the "shared" partition) use this trunk group.

We need to add ethernet interfaces to the trunk group, but when we try to do it, we get this message (it doesn't matter if it's by CLI or GUI):

"VLAN membership is different from Trunk"

What are we missing?

Greetings and thanks in advance



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    As I recall, the additional interface must have the same vlan configuration as the trunk in each partition prior to being added to the trunk-group. So to accomplish this, you'll need 2 steps:

    1. Add new interface to vlans of existing trunk
    2. Add new interface to the trunk

    Hopefully that clears it up for you!

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