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Hi team

Im new with ACOS software. How I can setup the management port and assign an address IP?



  • john_allenjohn_allen Member
    10vThunder(config)(NOLICENSE)#interface management
    vThunder(config-if:management)(NOLICENSE)#ip address /24
    vThunder(config-if:management)(NOLICENSE)#ip default-gateway

    For DHCP, substitute the ip address line with this:

    vThunder(config-if:management)(NOLICENSE)#ip address dhcp

    You can check for what IP address was assigned using the show interface brief command:

    mbp-vthnd1(NOLICENSE)#sh int br
    Port                Link  Dupl  Speed  Trunk Vlan      MAC             IP Address          IPs  Name
    mgmt                Up    Full  1000   N/A   N/A       000c.292e.68d5     1
    1                   Disb  None  None   None  1         000c.292e.68df             0
    2                   Disb  None  None   None  1         000c.292e.68e9             0

    Change Hostname:

    vThunder(config)#hostname pm-vthnd1
    pm-vthnd1#wr mem
    Building configuration...
    Write configuration to default primary startup-config

    Set DNS for MGMT port:

    vThunder(config)(NOLICENSE)#ip dns primary

    Don't forget to set a route (ip route {subnet} /24 {gateway}) to get to the network local DNS is on!

    It would also be a good idea to set the timezone and clock:

    mbp-vthnd1(config)(NOLICENSE)#timezone America/Chicago
    mbp-vthnd1(config)(NOLICENSE)#sh clock
    *19:21:30 CDT Wed May 1 2019

    You can also set an NTP service:

    mbp-vthnd1(config)(NOLICENSE)#ntp server
    mbp-vthnd1(NOLICENSE)#sh clock
    .19:24:03 CDT Wed May 1 2019

  • micky_sanhuezamicky_sanhueza Member

    Thank you John!

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