New Partitions

Hi All,

Total newbie here, please forgive dumb questions. We are running a Thunder 3030, and I'd like to add partitions to the 4 partitions we already have. Do I need to create a VLAN for each new partition and/or create a new subnet for each


  • Yes, if you are adding new partitions and plan to use VLANs and Virtual Ethernet interfaces, then you will need to create new VLANs for each new partition. It is a requirement for ACOS when using partitions that the VLAN identifiers must be unique across all partitions. The IP subnets are not required to be unique, but unless you are intentionally re-using networks, perhaps within different VRFs, then you should plan to pair new subnets with each new VLAN within each new partition.

  • Hi Deenav,

    if you are using ACOS 4.1.4-P2 or greater (pre GR code) you can use service-partitions this creates a partition and then you can use the shared partitions interfaces, no interfaces to setup within the partition. To test just setup an SLB server in the same subnet as SLB in shared or duplicate server already setup in shared to test the service-partition. Any queries on this let me know. Eddie SE A10 UK.

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