Help to factory reset my AX1000-11

Hi, I bought a used AX1000-11 and the previous owner of the equipment doesn't remember the login for accessing the device. Is there any way that I can restore it to default, like a reset button? I didn't find any information about that anywhere and the support can't help because the serial expired. Thanks!


  • john_allenjohn_allen Member
    edited November 2020

    Not sure if this will work on an AX1000, but with the newer boxes, you can login from the console as "reset" within the first five minutes from power on and use the whole serial number as the password, and it will do a factory reset of the entire system.

    Do you know what version of ACOS is running on it??

  • Hi all, the correct syntax is "reset A10" then password as john stated is the whole serial number full no spaces inc ax at the beginning.

  • Hi, thank you so much for the answer, I manage to reset using "reset" as user and the serial number in uppercase as password.

    I Hope this topic help someone else.

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