Microsoft Windows print spooler and any other Windows service health check Load Balance

Hi, anyone here know how to load balance printer spooler services in A10 ?


  • BlackMythBlackMyth Member
    edited January 31

    Take a break from the windows to conduct you are a print server for business. Check out printer logic. It is able to manage printers locally, by mapping them to IP. When the logic server of the printer is down, there's no problem because clients are mapped using an IP address to the printer.

    My predecessor's printers here were clustered, and it didn't make the sense. The requirement was to make regular maintenance updates and also any software updates, so what was the benefit of clustering. It didn't seem to make sense. Having weekly backs of printbrms we were able to repair an unrepaired print server within 15 minutes. This was a more efficient alternative to clustering.

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