can`t configure the interface at transparent mode

Hi Guys

I have ADC thunder 3030S

I try to configure ADC at transparent mode, but each time i try to put ip address and gateway for the interface i can`t create it and find this 2 error messages

1- Object specified does not exist (object: ( ip of gateway))

2- Can not perform operation. Please remove all L3 Virtual Partitions first.

Any advise to fix it ?


  • bfelizbfeliz Member

    If you are truly in transparent mode, i.e. the output of the command "show ip" will display the mode as transparent, then you cannot configure an IP address at the interface level, in this case there is only one IP and one possible gateway and they are configured at the global level (ip address... and ip default-gateway...

  • haythamhaytham Member

    i run this command and it display that "System is running in Gateway Mode"

  • haythamhaytham Member

    what the meaning of Gateway mode? routed mode ? sorry but i am still new at A10 environment

  • bfelizbfeliz Member

    NP - gateway mode = routing mode, while transparent mode = transparent or layer 2 mode

    If your objective is to run on transparent mode then you need to make sure to remove all Layer 3 objects from the config, and then configure the global IP address and gateway, otherwise in Layer 3 or Gateway the device functions like a router/switch so you can have layer 2 vlans with or without IP interfaces. Hope that clarifies it.

  • haythamhaytham Member

    yes very clear and thanks for your reply

    but, i am really confuse about when i should use routed or transparent mode and when i can use inline or one arm mode

    i mean my network has 2 firewalls and behind each firewall some servers and my ADC connect to these 2 firewalls

    so, this design should by match with which mode ?

  • HeshamHesham Member
  • haythamhaytham Member

    Hi Hesham

    Thanks for this helpful session

    it was really useful for me

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