Add Licensing when replacing an intermediate cert?

cschaffercschaffer Member

DigiCert revoked the intermediate cert that was being used on our Thunder 930 load balancer. I created a new csr on our unit and requested that DigiCert re-issue the cert with the new intermediate cert. I uploaded both the new intermediate cert and the new re-issued cert. When I went to switch over to the new certs on the templates window, I get an error "No license purchased for this feature (object ssli-logging)." Does switching an intermediate cert require additional licensing? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.



  • bfelizbfeliz Member

    You should open a ticket with support. Licenses have nothing to do with certificates. It is especially strange if you had not done config changes and only the load of the cert caused the issue.

  • mdunnmdunn Member

    Hi Chris,

    Only thought I have is that you may have assigned the cert to the forward-proxy configuration section which would require either CFW or SSLi license. Agreed that simply updating the cert should have no bearing on licensing.

  • cschaffercschaffer Member

    Update: I opened a ticket with support. Seems there is a bug in ver 4.1.1-GR1, build 78. To replace a cert, you have to use the cli. The error occurs when trying to update the template from the gui. Hope that might help someone else.

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