Explanation about Automatic Backup in ACOS

MoratoMorato Member


I'm not understand well how the automatic backup in ACOS works.

When I going to configure that, on system -> maintenance -> backup automatic, I noticed I can choose fields week, day, hour, that ask me choose for enter a number there.

How these automatic backup works? I'll so glad if somebody help me understand the logic with automatic backup configuration.


Morato :)


  • MoratoMorato Member

    One example: Think I wanted to do backup runs every week, how I configure that in automatic backup?

  • mdunnmdunn Member

    Hello - If you set the "week" value to "1" then the backup will run every week from the time you entered the command. You can use the "show backup" command to see the configured interval as well as the next backup time.

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