IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd)

Hi All,

  1. Could anyone please help in setting up 6rd deployment in my lab using 6rd BR (A10 CFW) ACOS_vThunder_4_1_1-P9_105 (trial license) and for CE, using Cisco CSR1000v.
  2. Is it necessary to create or configure tunnel interface in CFW as BR Router?

Setup: IPv6 Client <> 6rd CE (Cisco) <> IPv4 Core Network <> 6rd BR (A10 CFW) <> IPv6 Server

A10 BR Router sixrd domain configuration:


cgnv6 sixrd domain 6rd1

 br-ipv4-address ipv6-prefix 2001:db8::/32

 ce-ipv4-network /8


I also attached my configuration for both CE and BR.

Hope someone can help



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