Problem with periodic-backup

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I am attempting to schedule a periodic-backup and having some issues.

I can successfully trigger backups of the system data and logs to another server via SFTP and SCP by using

backup system and backup log

However, when setting up a period backup using periodic-backup the backup is scheduled but it won't run successfully. The periodic backup is setup with the exact same url, etc... as the on demand backups. I have even done it using the backup profiles and it only works when executed on demand.

I have tried via the cli and the api and the ui. Same result.

To be clear the backups work when done manually just not when executed via the periodic backup mechanism.

Any ideas?

The system log shows various issues depending on the protocol. Some examples:

for sftp:

Oct 18 2019 18:59:03Error[MGMT]Periodically backup failed: transfer file failed

Oct 18 2019 18:59:03Error[CLI] Failed to export file "/a10data/var/tmp/a10-vthunder_backup_system2019-10-18-18-59-03.tar.gz" via SFTP.

Oct 18 2019 18:59:03Error[SYSTEM]sftp: No such file or Permission denied.


for scp:

Oct 18 2019 18:50:02Error[MGMT]Periodically backup failed: transfer file failed

Oct 18 2019 18:50:02Error[CLI]Failed to export file "a10-vthunder_backup_system2019-10-18-18-50-02.tar.gz" via SCP.

Oct 18 2019 18:50:02Error[SYSTEM]scp: file transfer failed, please check settings. (1)




Version information:

64-bit Advanced Core OS (ACOS) version 4.1.1, build 267 (Oct-31-2016,14:51)

A10 Thunder version 4.1.1, build 267


  • ajsgen999ajsgen999 Member

    I seem to have resolved my own issue. If someone else is hitting this then note the following:

    backup-periodic seems to require a filename on the end of the path, the resulting file will then have this prefixed onto the final following followed by the time stamp information, etc...

    backup system does not require this and will just create a file

    This means that if you are using backup system to test a setup and your path is /var/tst where tst is a directory then it will work. However if you use the exact same configuration (or profile) in backup-periodic it will fail.

    The documentation is the same for all 3 of the backup methods (backup system, backup log and backup-periodic) so it wasn't clear (to me at least) that there is a difference. Given that all 3 forms can use the same store/profile setup this seems odd.

    Frustrating to spend so much time on such a trivial issue...

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