HTTPS between ADC and Real Server


I need some help to configure HTTPS comunication between the ADC and the real servers.
I have this scenario:
Virtual server: X
Virtual Services: 80 redirect to 443
I have an aFlex whose send the request HTTP to some services groups. The LB criteria is the path behind the URLs. will go to realserver1 will go to realserver2 will go to realserver2

The problem is that I need that realserver1 communicates HTTPS with the ADC.
I can't use the SSL Server template in the virtual service beacuse that will block the access to the other servers.

Can anyone help me with that?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    I'm not sure this fits exactly what you want to do but have you looked into using a template with url-switching?

    slb template https URL_SWITCHING_TEMPLATE
      url-switching starts-with /one service-group SG1
      url-switching starts-with /two service-group SG2
      url-switching starts-with /three service-group SG3



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