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I have an application who runs behind a VIP. We use some documents with hyperlinks to this application. Behind this VIP, there's others services. I had tested some of them and I have the same behavior, but if I use an hyperlink to other VIP, it works fast.

I had tested all the devices in the route: firewall, DNS. ADC, server...and I'm always stock at the ADC.

I have nothing special configured for this application, when the request arrive to the ADC, he will forward it to the appropriate server.

The only difference between this and other VIPs is the service Group. usually i have only one server into the sGroup, in this case I have two. So, I think maybe the load balance method could be causing this.

thanks in advance for your help.


  • tmitsuhatatmitsuhata Member, Administrator admin

    Hi pinla11,

    As per your description, i would recommend to check and understand the status of the VIP or service-group in questions. You may want to look for usage, connection counts, traffic distribution and any errors etc.

    # show slb virtual-server
    # show slb virtual-server <virtual-server> <port#> details
    # show slb service-group 
    # show slb service-group <service-group>  

    I would also recommend you open a support ticket and work with A10 TAC.

    Hope it helps.

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