RDS 2016 Guide


I'm building a test microsoft RDS 2016 environment to eventually replace our old 2008 terminal server. I've followed several guides & have gotten it working, but now I'm trying to add it to our AX1030 & failing miserably. There's an existing deployment guide for 2008 terminal server, but nothing newer. Since those steps don't match the 2016 config, I'm a little lost. Does anyone have or know of a deployment guide that works for RDS 2016?

Thanks for any help you can offer.



  • abqureshiabqureshi Member
    edited November 2018
    Just a little info about my setup:

    2 AX1030s (VRRP-A) running ACOS 2.7.2-P11(build: 77)

    All servers are running Windows Server 2016 with latest patches:
    2 connection brokers (HA - DNS RR)
    2 session hosts (HA - DNS RR)
    2 Gateway/Web Access servers (HA - DNS RR)

    None of the servers are in a DMZ environment. But may change when moving into production.
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