Real server through a default GW

Hi community
I'm new in a10 knowledge and I want to ask your help with a doubt

I can't reach a real server, when I apply a test and a debug I can see that no traffic is sending to that server IP.
That server is not in the same LAN segment I can ping that server and reach it through my default gw that is a Checkpoint FW

I see the FW IP in my arp table
I not see the IP of the server because is not in my arp table, I only can reach that server IP through de FW (My def gw)

This is my configuration for that service:

vlan 313
untagged ethernet 3
router-interface ve 313
vlan-global enable-def-vlan-l2-forwarding
hostname MITMTY-A10-01
interface ethernet 3
interface ve 313
ip address
ip nat pool SNAT_172_16_10_0 netmask /24
ip route /0
slb server WAF_SRV_MITEC >>>>as you can see the server is in other segment
port 40020 tcp
slb service-group WAF_EPAGO tcp
member WAF_SRV_MITEC 40020
slb virtual-server ADC_WAF_E-PAGO
port 80 http
source-nat pool SNAT_172_16_10_0
source-nat auto
service-group WAF_EPAGO

Can you tell me if there is something lacking in my configuration
The trace rach the server through the FW
I send a Telnet to the server IP in the 40020 port and the connection is successful

Your help will be great for me

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