I am new with agalaxy, today in the TPS I saw the following message:
Error [DDET]:zone=port_443 port=443 protocol=HTTPS level=1 event-type=DDOS_ZONE_ESCALATION Error Response Status: Notification failed.

Please help me.
Best regards.
Mario Perez


  • tmitsuhatatmitsuhata Member, Administrator admin
    edited November 2018
    The message indicates that you TPS detected anomaly traffic behavior on HTTPS port and escalated to mitigation level 1 success fully. However, the notification (API communication) to aGalaxy management system is failed. There might be some mitigation status mismatch between aGalaxy and TPS unless it has network communication issue.
    If you can see the ddos incidents created and accesss/ operate mitigation console on aGalaxy properly, you can igonre the message.
    If you still continue to see the message and don't see ddos incident created, please contact our support.
    Hope it helps.
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