SSLi Issue if you open HTTPs websites from search engines


I have noticed sometimes SSLi works sometimes not, I did couple of tests until I reached the following:

if you open a browser like Google Chrome and then type a name of website (without .com or .net) like "cnn"


then the browser will take you to the search engine, in our case Google Search because we are using Google Chrome.
Then you click on the website of, the website then will open

if you do this practice for 10 websites, you will almost see SSLi works 50%, and 50% does not.



but, if you clear your browser cache, and open it again, and now insert the complete name of the website, then SSLi will 100% works:



I did the same practice with Edge browser and got the same result (with Bing search engine).

can you please help me to identify and solve the problem ?



  • diederikdiederik Member
    edited September 2018
    Do you mean to say that in 50% of the cases the browser is showing cached information?
    This would seem to me like a normal situation when the browser has information in the cache and possibly gets conflicting information from the connection through an SSLi setup.

    Realise that when the cache still hold security information like certificate info, the SSLi setup can not force the browser to refresh that.

    Have you checked using the debug commands what is happening on the SSLi devices? Use diag debug and it should show you first of all if the A10 devices is seeing the new requests, and secondly what it does with them.

    If you are unable to diagnose it yourself and require assistance, I would suggest you open a case with the A10 Support team.
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