axapi v3 export object - no password attribute?

Thanks for the really quick reply earlier today regarding partitions, glad to have this forum actively monitored.

I'm not seeing a password attribute for the export object. I do see one for import, which works just fine. I tried passing it the attribute but it doesn't like it:
"response": {
"status": "fail",
"err": {
"code": 1023524874,
"from": "JSON",
"msg": "Failed to handle json field \"password\". JSON field cannot be handled. It might be undefined or disabled by other fields.",
"location": "export.password"

Oh, here's the calling convention:
"export": {
"remote-file": "scp://[email protected]/home/e0151428/bwlist-test",
"password": "thepassword"

Is this missing in the documentation or are there other ways of of dynamically passing a password to the export object? or must one use store? Store does work but I'd rather pass the creds for the remote site with the export call.

Thank you again.


  • HelpingHandHelpingHand Member
    edited September 2018
    Are you referring to the password for the SCP?

    If so, why not use the the URL: "scp://user:[email protected]/home/e0151428/bwlist-test"

    If not, which password are you referring to?
  • toddmasontoddmason Member
    edited September 2018
    Yes the SCP password. That method does work. I was not aware password could be passed that way. Docs don't reference that nor command line help:

    use-mgmt-port Use management port as source port
    tftp: Remote file path of tftp: file system(Format: tftp://host/file)
    ftp: Remote file path of ftp: file system(Format: ftp://[[email protected]]host[:port]/file)
    scp: Remote file path of scp: file system(Format: scp://[[email protected]]host/file)
    sftp: Remote file path of sftp: file system(Format: sftp://[[email protected]]host/file)

    That's not part of ssh typically. How'd you know of that feature?

    It is a bit odd that the scp password attribute exists for import but does not for export. I can work with what you've supplied.

    Thank you again HelpingHand.
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