Vthunder ethernet port down


I hope you can help me with this issuse.

I am configuring a vthunder 4.1.1 on VMware 5.5. The OVF deploy was successfull but the ethernet ports are in a down state (only the eth ports, the mgmt port works whitout problems). At the VMware layer, the network adapters are "connected at power on", its driver is VMXNET3 for the eth1 / eth2 ports and E1000 for the mgmt port. In the VMware host there are many servers working at the same virtual networks than the vthunder.

The interface config output are:

interface management
ip address
ip default-gateway
interface ethernet 1
interface ethernet 2

The sh int brief output are:

mgmt Up Full 1000 N/A N/A 0050.56a5.6454 1
1 Down None None None 111 0050.56a5.518b 0
2 Down None None None Tag 0050.56a5.5beb 0

Did somebody had the same problem?

Pablo Carrillo


  • ericnericn Member
    edited July 2018
    I am using vSphere/ESXi v5.5, data interfaces of type VMXNET3 just fine. I would suggest opening a ticket with TAC. Assuming licensing is in order and the interfaces are actually Device Status > Connected after boot of the vm, it "should" work.
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