Way to accelerate an internet application using A10 ADC

Hi All,

Im looking for a way to optimize an application that's on internet by having a local ADC to "intercept" the traffics from client , probably through client amending their host FQDN file pointing to A10 ADC instead of directly hitting www.example.com. Is that possible ? Attached with high level concept. Highly likely www.example.com is also being load balance by another ADC locally in the data center.

Normal Traffic Flow : Client ---> Internet ---> www.example.com
Demo Traffic Flow : Client (change local FQDN file pointing to A10 VIP) ---> Internet ----> A10 ---> Internet ---> www.example.com

Can a standard L4/L7 SLB achieve the scenario above ? If No what will be the most ideal way to achieve these "application relay" idea as well as optimize the flow ? I was thinking normal NHLD configuration might work.

This is kind of urgent for now , looking foward to any guide and reply !
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