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Hi all,
I'm working on a vThunder 2.7.2-P10 that is publicing many URL form a single virtual IP. Now I need to deny access from some IPs only for some URLs (not for all). For example I have 3 sites:


And some IPs let's say:

I need those IPs can access only on site 1 but not site2 and 3. All other IPs can access every sites. Is there a way to accomplish this?




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    Hello Luca,

    you solve this complexity with aFlex.
    In the example below you find your solution in a simple version. I can be extended with class list and you can change the action from TCP::close to HTTP::redirect "http://site1.example.com/"

    aFlex: IP-Host-restriction
    when HTTP_REQUEST {
    if { [IP::addr [IP::client_addr] equals] } {
    if { [HTTP::host] equals "site1.example.com" } {
    } else {

    Please let me know if you need so more details.

    CU hkohn!
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