Cacti Template for ADC

Any link to download the template for Cacti?


  • hkohn72hkohn72 Member
    edited March 2018
    Hello adrews,

    i published the Cacti Template Version for ACOS 2.7.X on github.

    It contains:
    -Individual OID’s

    AVG CPU Usage (Avg control and Avg of all data CPU’s on same graph)
    AVG Control CPU
    AVG Data CPU
    Global Memory
    Established Sessions
    Free Sessions
    Global new connection rate

    -Indexed OID’s

    CPU Usage (Individual CPUs)
    Interface Statistics
    Interface Traffic (In and out Bits/sec)
    Interface Packets (In and out packets /sec)
    Interface utilization (in and out percent utilization)
    Interface Errors (In and Out errors /sec)
    Trunk Statistics
    Trunk Traffic (In and Out Bits /sec)
    Trunk Packets (In and Out packets /sec)
    Trunk Errors (Errors /sec)
    Server Statistics
    Server Traffic
    Server Packets
    Server Connections
    Service Group Statistics
    Service Group – Connection Rate
    Service Group – Current Connections
    Service Group – Packet Rate
    Service Group – Traffic Rate

    CU hkohn!
  • adrewsadrews Member
    edited March 2018
    Hi !!!
    Thanks !!!
  • underglundergl Member
    edited July 2018
    Hi, i'm looking for ACOS 4.1 Cacti template. Anyone has it?

    Thanks in advance
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