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Hi all,

Does anybody know how to start/stop axdebug capture via axapi in ACOS 4.X?
(Or if it's possible in the first place?)
The reference manual only told me how to export capture files.
I'm trying to automate whole our testing process and I'd like to know if I could do it all with axapi only
(for now, I've managed to do capturing parts with ssh-cli stuff)




  • hkohn72hkohn72 Member
    edited February 2018
    Hello Shin,

    in the documentation of the upcoming release ACOS 4.1.4 there is a part:

    ------------ 8< -----------
    3.5.1 axdebug
    Packet Trace Options
    axdebug Specification
    Type operational
    Element Name axdebug
    Element URI /axapi/v3/axdebug
    Element Attributes axdebug_attributes
    Schema axdebug schema
    Operations Allowed:
    EXECUTE Object
    axdebug attributes
    Description Apply AXDebug config file
    Type: string
    Maximum Length: 63 characters
    Maximum Length: 1 characters
    Description: capture is a JSON Block. Please see below for capture
    Type: Object
    Refernce Object: /axapi/v3/axdebug/capture
    ------------ 8< -----------

    I think it is what you are searching for. ;-)

    CU Holger!
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