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Dear all,
I know that what I'm going to ask is not technically clean or correct, but I want to know if the possibilty exists. At the moment I have a vThunder version 2.7.2-P10 who is doing SSL offload for my applications and balance on the backend over different HTTP ports. Suppose that instead of HTTP I need to balance on the backend over HTTPS but not in plain mode. Instead I want to balance with full SSL handshake but with another certificate different from the one used on the frontend. Is that possible?




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    Hi Luca,

    Sure, you just need to specify a ServerSsl template into your Vport.
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    Have a look at the options in the "Server SSL Template".
    Where a service with only a "Client SSL Template" does SSL-Offload, adding a "Server SSL Template" will do SSL-Onloading to the server as well.


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    Hi guys and thank you for your answers. So I should create a server SSL Template with the certificate proposed by the backend server and apply it on the HTTPS VIP? I guess then I need to put the https port on the service group am I right?

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    I have a similiar configuration but in my case I want to use the same certificate in both sides. Same for clients that for the backend servers.

    How can I do that?

    Thanks in advance
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