Why we need to choose A10

kiritharan23kiritharan23 Member

why A10 is the best option, compare with competitor( F5, citrix, etc) ?


  • AlexAlex Member

    there is no simple answer to that. There are many factors that can move to one or the other vendor solution. A10 has multiple very competitive solutions for different needs and markets. It often goes down to meeting specific requirements for specific projects and in addition to that being flexible to accommodate changes in a future, being simpler and cheaper to deploy and run in a specific customer environment, being compatible with existing infrastucture, and so on

    I suggest you contact your local A10 sales team to discuss how A10 products can help you meet your specific needs in your specific environment so you can decide which solution is better for your organization.

  • Hi, Please inform us where you are located and I can place you with the local A10 sales team to help you further with your questions about A10 compared to the others.

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    Eddie SE UK/IRE.

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